Our Teachers

Our teachers are all qualified with at least one 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate. They all share the same principle of doing no harm, to themselves or others. Each teacher brings their own unique experience and training to their classes.

Allison Harrison


Allison discovered hot yoga in 2003 and fell in love with the practice from her very first class. Having practiced high-impact exercise for many years, the heat and yoga stretches very quickly made a positive impact on her tight muscles.

The focus on breath also really helped to reduce stress levels from her busy job which involved long hours and a lot of travel. Allison took her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in 2013 and took over the Hot Yoga Edinburgh business in 2014, while still working full time for the Scottish craft brewer, Innis & Gunn. Allison left her full time job and opened the doors to Hot Yoga Edinburgh’s very own studio in January 2017. Allison found her own yoga practice incredibly beneficial as a counter-balance for the stress and long hours of working a busy, corporate job, and she brings an enthusiasm and energy to her teaching, and loves to share the benefits of yoga to combat the stresses and strains of everyday life.


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT)

Anna Harty


Anna practised yoga intermittently for several years, however when she started her first nursing post her yoga practice intensified as she found it the best way to connect with herself and recharge.

Anna chose to undertake teacher training to deepen her own practice during a transitional time in work and personal life in November 2015. She began teaching classes in Edinburgh in January and is delighted to now be able to help bring yoga into others lives. Anna believes that yoga holds the potential to deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you. Anna strives to encourage her students to connect with themselves starting always with the breath.

Anna’s classes are inspired by her own practice and seek to challenge, engage and restore. Having sustained injuries from incorrect technique, she tries to strip asana down its core gradually building it up as students gain experience and strength. No experience, flexibility or fancy leggings are needed to start your yoga journey, just an open mind and a willingness to learn. She is always learning from her teachers, students and her own practice.


  • Registered yoga Teacher (RYT)

Heini Löppönen


Heini is a yoga and dance teacher originally from Helsinki, Finland.

Originally a dancer, Heini was introduced to yoga over 10 years ago through her dance studies. She became a certified yoga teacher in early 2011 and has taught yoga since then. Before moving to Edinburgh in 2013 she worked as yoga, dance and Pilates teacher both in Finland and in South-East Asia.

Heini teaches several different styles of yoga, ranging from calm Yin yoga to more dynamic styles. She’s trained in anatomy and physiology of movement and breathing, and is focused on the therapeutic aspects of the practice. She sees yoga as a continually evolving practice that should be tailored to an individual’s needs, even in group classes.

Heini is passionate about the science of yoga, and is currently undertaking doctoral studies on the psycho-physiology of breathing at The University of Edinburgh.

Heini is also a member of the teaching faculty of Chi Therapeutics – Learning Lab that organises yoga teacher training courses in cooperation with Hot Yoga Edinburgh.


Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT)
  • MSc
  • BA

Rebeca Montero


She started practicing Hot Yoga 8 years ago, as a escape from a busy life and from the cold in Scotland. She was missing the warmth of her home town in Spain and the sports in a warmer environment.

After several years practising different styles of yoga, she found Yin Yoga and discovered how to listen to her body and to pacify her mind. Since that moment she became more passionate about mindfulness, movement and health and how yoga can help to change people’s lives. She is also interest in teaching yoga to people who have insomnia and who are hyper mobile, due to the fact that she has had many injuries in the past and because no one taught her previously, how to listen to her own body. She also loves to teach beginners, people that are discovering how to be aware of themselves or people that wants to escape from a busy life.

As she always says “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos”


  • Registered yoga Teacher (RYT)

Sharon Iacono


Sharon has been practising yoga for 20 years, and completed her first 200 hour Teacher Training certificate in June 2016, she is now continuing her Yoga teaching journey with a 300 hour Yin Teacher Training run by Chi Therapeutics in association with Hot Yoga Edinburgh.

Sharon is also a keen cyclist and spinning instructor, she has a great interest in teaching yoga to people who do sports as she believes that yoga is a really good complimentary practice for every activity that puts pressure on the muscles, fascia and joints. Sharon’s classes are generally a mix of yoga styles dependent on the class, but they will involve building strength, flexibility and stretching those overused muscles and fascia. She especially loves teaching beginners as she finds it is so important to start from the basics and build a strong foundation in your practice.

She is now building some Yin and Yin Yang for Sports and Flexibility classes into our schedule which are especially good for those with injuries or people who do sports. Sharon brings an energy and gentle encouragement to her classes, and her knowledge of other sports is very beneficial in her teaching.


  • Registered yoga Teacher (RYT)

Sarah McCaffer

Sarah McCaffer

Sarah is passionate about wellbeing, mindful movement and real food. She leads Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes and runs food and Yoga workshops aimed at inspiring people to find balance and wellbeing with ease.

Sarah’s Yoga classes are dynamic and energising with a focus on the individual, finding space on and off the mat and most of all enjoying the moment.


  • Registered yoga Teacher (RYT)

Niamh Hart

Niamh Hart

Niamh has been practicing Yoga since 2011, and fell in love with not only the psychological and physical benefits but also the sense of community within studios between other Yogis. Since she first began her Yoga journey, she was also inspired to study and MSc in Physical Activity for Health which greatly complements her own practice and her teaching. Niamh loves to investigate and understand the science behind physical activity and how it effects how we feel through life. Her aim is to encourage others to move their body through Yoga to gain incredible short and long-term wellbeing.

Niamh has completed a 200 hour Yin Yang teacher training which has allowed her to appreciate a strong and active practice as well as a calming, more passive Yin practice. Her classes have a significant focus on building a strong foundation with proper muscular engagement, increasing strength and flexibility safely.


  • Certified yoga Teacher (CYT)