We run a range of yoga classes in a heated studio. We heat the studio to 26-29°C during the daytime and to 35-39°C in the evenings.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Yogi Struggles

Yogi Struggles…
At Hot Yoga Edinburgh we believe that Yoga is for Every Body, and that we are all different. Our style of teaching encourages students to learn about their own body and adapt their practice to suit their body on that day.
Here is our teacher and studio owner, Allison, sharing with us a pose she struggles with and how she has adapted the pose to fit with her body…
“For as long as I can remember I’ve found a wide leg seated forward fold pretty much impossible. In the first photo you can see I am sitting bolt upright, I’m supposed to be folding forwards. My hips just don’t work like that, and I feel such an intense stretch it is really uncomfortable. I’ve found that if I adapt the pose like the 2nd photo by bending one knee and supporting that leg with a block then I can start to fold forward without feeling like I’m going to injure myself. The intense stretch gives way to a gentle stretch where I can still breath easily.
I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do the first version of the pose and I’m ok with that. I’m learning to accept my body as it is and even love it, and it’s a great feeling! Like my body and I are becoming friends ❤
I may be a Yoga teacher but that doesn’t mean I don’t have difficulties in many poses.”

What pose do you struggle with and how have you adapted it? We would love to hear your stories!

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Breaking down the barriers to starting Yoga

I recently had a brief chat with one of our regular students. We got into talking about the barriers they had for starting yoga classes a few months earlier and how they had broken down these barriers by coming to class.

They told me how they expected to be very self-conscious in the class because they had never done it before, they would be a complete beginner, others might be looking at them, and they would be THE inflexible one in the class while others would move easily into the poses.

To me this sounded like a very familiar thought, I’ve had these exact same barriers for other activities; I’ll be the odd one out, the one who can’t do it or doesn’t already know how it’s done. And actually I had these thoughts before I started going to regular yoga classes as well. I practiced some poses at home before I felt ready to go to the group. But once I got there I had the same realisation as you’ll see our student had…

So, the student and I continued our chat and they said that after thinking for a long time about coming to the studio, they decided to give it a go and the experience was very different from what they’d expected: “Everyone was just minding themselves, focused on their own practice on their own mat. People weren’t looking around at what others were doing at all.”

I was so happy to hear this from them as this is the message we’d like to get through to more people but it can be hard to believe if you haven’t experienced it. Media shows a rather distorted image of yoga which – no wonder – pushes a lot of people away from classes. The word “yoga” on google search floods your screen with pictures of rather advanced yoga poses and bendy people in awkward shapes. That’s yoga, yes, but there’s this whole other dimension of yoga as well, and in that dimension we don’t care what our bodies look like in different poses (as by now we know that they’ll always look different). We come onto the mat to observe how we feel on that day. Maybe to stretch, maybe to become stronger or to de-stress and relax. And I know that in our classes people really focus on what’s going on on their own mat; neighbours are left alone and free from judging or comparing looks.

Let’s keep breaking barriers on and off the mat. Just keep breathing…

Blog post by Heini, our studio manager and senior teacher

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Open Air Yoga class

For the second year running, our Free Open Air Yoga class was a wonderful event, with so many people taking part, and bringing with them such positive vibes. The class took place last weekend, we opened up the big sliding doors to our studio so that people could either practice inside the studio or spill out into Conference Square. We filled a large section of the peaceful pedestrian square and spent a beautiful hour in the sunshine. The Yoga practice was suitable for all levels and there were many beginners taking part as well as lots of our regular students. We had teachers demonstrating the poses and many of our regular students there too so that people could easily see what to do. The teacher gave clear instructions to allow people to easily follow the sequence. Thank you so much for coming along and joining us!