Customer experiences

Elyssa, November 2018
“(Moksha Inspired Hot Yoga) Softer version of Bikram, really good teacher, amazing class”

Fran, November 2018
“The perfect way to start the morning”

Craig, November 2018
“Allison’s classes really boost my confidence, it’s a reassuring class with lots of choices, depending on what suits me that day”

Caitlyn, October 2018
“5 Stars”

Roslyn, October 2018
“5 Stars”

Emma, September 2018
“I am constantly blown away by the amazing team that is HYE. You are all so warm, encouraging and friendly making the experience before, during and after practice so incredible. Have come across a lot of teams in professional life and through my music, and this is truly one of the best! Super thankful for you all”

Simon, September 2018
“Great yoga studio, friendly and good teachers. I visited 3 times while on a trip to Edinburgh, was made to feel really welcome! Thanks”

Bettine, September 2018
“We all absolutely loved the (Private Aerial Yoga) session, even the very reluctant yogis. Rebecca was absolutely amazing and very patient with us. Great session from start to finish.”

Amber, August 2018
“Absolutely love this place! Alison and the team are amazing. I’ve been going for a month now and I really enjoy the Hot Yoga on a Tuesday evening. It’s always something different so you don’t get complacent with routine and they really focus on ensuring your practice is the best for you, with appropriate modifications for all levels. Excited to continue my Yoga journey!”

H, August 2018
“One of the highlights of my week! I was still feeling pretty under power (after the relentlessness of 9 months cancer treatment) when I started. Without a doubt classes have helped in recovery physically and mentally and although I don’t feel like I have the same stamina as before generally (maybe I’m just 2 years older!) in some ways I actually feel better than before – less stiff, and some specific body part niggles have ironed out a bit. So thanks so much all but especially to Heini whose ‘hot yoga’ classes I attend most regularly.”

Laura, August 2018
“An excellent practice with a fabulous teacher… Blessed to have Heini in my life!”

Catherine, August 2018
“I just wanted to send a quick email to say what a wonder experience I had of your studio yesterday. We are all to quick to fire off emails when something goes wrong but too infrequent do we thank those who have done a GOOD JOB. I attended your Yin Yoga lunchtime class after dashing from the train mid meeting and found it deeply restorative even given it was only 45 minutes. The studio was clean friendly and very welcoming for those of us who are only ever in transit. Thank you and be assured I will return..”

Jeanette, August 2018
“just wanted to say how much my daughter enjoyed the Teen Ariel Yoga workshop yesterday. Thanks so much for making this available.”

Katie, August 2018
“Great (Teen Aerial) class my daughter loved it, hoping you will do it again”

Brian, July 2018
“Great class, lovely way to start a Sunday”

Kirstyn, July 2018
“I always feel so energised after Yoga, like I could take on the world!”

Cathryn, July 2018
“5 Stars”

Anna, July 2018
“Lovely mix of Yin stretches and some more dynamic Yang. A good Sunday workout”

Ros, June 2018
“Went along for an intro into Aerial this afternoon… it was fantastic. Allison explained the moves well and supported fantastically… loved it! Would love to do a course of classes soon. Thanks Allison!”

Sophia, June 2018
“Class last night was amazing. Went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 7.30 this morning feeling so much better. Totally eased all the horrible aches and stress. Your classes are a godsend!”

Fran, June 2018
“Another great class by Niamh. She has that calm, soothing voice and does a wonderful job of talking you through a pose. She is so respectful of participants; repeatedly inviting people to listen to their own bodies and modify a pose if it’s too intense. I always come away feeling very connected to my body after practicing with her. I love that.”

Lauren, June 2018
“Loved my class this morning! Heini is a fantastic teacher.”

Craig, June 2018
“Rebecca is so positive and smiley and her classes are always full of variety and fun :)”

Jo, June 2018
“5 Stars”

Cathryn, June 2018
“5 Stars”

Vicky, May 2018
“I work across the road and just love coming to your studio!”

Emma, May 2018
“Lovely class this morning with Sarah”

Gareth, May 2018
“5 Stars”

Craig, May 2018
“5 Stars”

S, May 2018
“I must compliment you on how spotlessly clean your facilities are, it makes such a difference”

M, April 2018
“I came to class this morning, it was wonderful”

D, April 2018
“The teacher was lovely – considerate and very well paced, pitching things at the right level so I’m booked in again for next week and hope to keep the momentum going.”

Emma, March 2018
“I always totally love classes with Niamh, but today was extra special as she took the time to frequently check I was ok and give me alternative poses throughout the class as she knew I was suffering from some muscle pain. I so appreciated it, she is an incredible teacher.”

Karen, March 2018
“Super class, properly relaxing and deep deep stretching, thank you a great start to the week.”

Rosie, March 2018
“Love your wee business and so happy to see it doing so well. It is a great set up with fantastic instructors.”

Claire, March 2018
“Great first class at Hot Yoga Edinburgh… Rebeca was super friendly and welcoming. They have a wide range of classes and at different temperatures. My class today was a warm class for posture focussing on hips. Can’t wait to try another and as someone new to yoga it wasn’t intimidating at all.”

Emma, March 2018
“Loved Niamh’s 5pm class today! Hate being stuck working from home so it was totally perfect! Thanks!”

Ruth, March 2018
“I’ve really enjoyed supported inversions in Aerial Yoga, and some of the poses use muscles that I apparently don’t in any other type of practice. “

Lynda, March 2018
“Fab class, can highly recommend! Looking forward to my next one. “

Annabel, March 2018
“I really love Aerial Yoga! I feel much more confident trying poses that would scare me on the mat. “

Angie, February 2018
“If you like yoga or never even tried it this is THE place in Edinburgh to go! Such a great place and Allison who runs & owns Hot Yoga is so friendly, supportive & inspiring as is all her team. “

Veronica, February 2018
“5 Stars “

Wendy, February 2018
“Love this place! Clean, modern studio with shower facilities. Especially love the Forrest inspired classes…I feel strong and fab after a class! Great teachers-they are all lovely and supportive, never felt any pressure to complete a pose, always aware of everyone’s abilities. Highly recommended!”

Ross, January 2018
“This is a really wonderful yoga studio in the heart of Edinburgh The studio is modern and purpose built with changing rooms and showers The teachers are very friendly and welcoming as well as being knowledgable and supportive Newbies and visitors are greeted warmly at reception and given information about the studio and classes The classes are varied and so there are options for all levels of experience. Highly recommended this excellent yoga studio”

Holly, January 2018
“I very much enjoyed the class last Thursday! For the first time made me feel like I knew what I was doing (unlike classes I have attended elsewhere!).”

Julianne, January 2018
“Amazing class (Beginners Course), can’t wait for next week!”

Patricia, January 2018
“Great class with Allison and wonderful studio!”

Al, January 2018
“Thank you Rebeca for the most beautiful practice to get the year off to a great start!”

Patricia, January 2018
“Great class with Rebeca, great teaching from someone who really knows her stuff!”

Ross, January 2018
“Sue and I really enjoyed Niamh’s class. She has a lovely style and nice pace which makes the flow challenging and engaging without feeling rushed. It set me up nicely for the day.”

C, December 2017
“Niamh is a lovely instructor. This class challenged me yet she always provided options and clear guidance. Loved the music she used and she has a very soothing voice, would definitely recommend her classes ❤ thank you, Niamh!”

F.Child, December 2017
“5 Stars”

Chloe, December 2017
“Anna is an amazing instructor. Her ability to deliver content to a mixed range of levels is outstanding. As a beginner, I felt comfortable and like I didn’t stand out yet other more advanced students were still challenged. Will definitely return to this great class!!”

Heleen, December 2017
“Loved every class I have had here. Everyone is very kind and the space is very therapeutic.”

Angie, November 2017
“Rebecca is an excellent teacher. Her voice is so soothing and relaxing I enjoy her class so much. As a complete beginner I’m so grateful for her help and guidance. I can’t wait for the next class. Thank you.”

Lena, November 2017
“Lovely Forrest Inspired Yoga (taught) by Sharon! The perfect start to the day.”

Eleni, November 2017
“Just the best class!”

Linda, November 2017
“All of the instructors are great and the positions can be adapted to suit your limits.”

Catherine, November 2017
“All of the teachers are so lovely, you never feel out of place.”

Garry, October 2017
“First time for me – really tough going but well worth it. The facilities are excellent and the instructors were spot on for a mixed class.”

Heather, October 2017
“I have tried Yoga a couple of times in the past and always given up trying to master the ‘flow’ series. The Moksha classes offered are a brilliant alternative to get your started. Also Beginners classes in Vinyasa & Aerial. All three teachers I have attended classes with are attentive and encouraging. Classes also emphasise taking care not to aggravate existing injuries and there’s no pressure to ‘keep up’ – just encouragement and options to do what you can on any given day. Both Warm and Hot classes are actually Warm and Hot as they say – other classes I’ve attended elsewhere don’t always deliver on that.”

Ross, October 2017
“Sue and I loved the (Moksha Inspired) class this morning. Thanks so much”

G, October 2017
“Loved (the Inversions Workshop) it! Thanks Sharon”

Johanna, October 2017
“Brilliant (Inversions) Workshop and loved your teaching as always”

Kelly, September 2017
“I love exercise but sometimes it can get a bit boring and repetitive. Not today though. Aerial Yoga is genuinely one of the best things I’ve tried in years. SO much fun”

Lynsey, September 2017
“I don’t get to come as often as I would like but whenever I do, I leave feeling refreshed and a better version of myself. HYE is my sanctuary in the city. You’ve built something truly special.”

Catrina, September 2017
“5 Stars (Beginners Course)”

Karen, September 2017
“Top class from Allison, glad to be back”

SR, September 2017
“Took two classes today from Heini, she was excellent”

Susan, September 2017
“Thank you for an excellent class, you were wonderful to accommodate us all! You have a wonderful studio and first rate teachers”

Rachel, September 2017
“I really enjoyed trying a range of classes (on the Beginners Intermediate Course)”

Anonymous, September 2017
“Heini is an amazing teacher”

Rebecca, September 2017
“I really enjoyed trying different types of Yoga (on the Beginners Intermediate Course), and learning how to move in between poses”

Paola, September 2017
“Great teachers and great classes, suitable for every level of experience. Super clean, well equipped and good vibes. This place is the nest I am looking for when I want to treat myself.”

Deirdre, September 2017
“The Backbends workshop was excellent on Saturday. Really enjoyed. Thank you Anna!”

Al, September 2017
“The perfect start to my Sunday!”
_____________________________________________________ “Hot Yoga practice done, so good to be back on the mat. Nice surprise to have Allison lead the practice tonight which was perfect as always. Move your body every day and sweat at least once a day” “Absolutely loved the Friday Hot Yoga Edinburgh class. It was exactly what I needed to unravel from a desk job!””5 Stars””Warm studio in a low temperature city, convenient location and excellent teachers 🙂 (provide showers) 5 Stars””5 Stars””Finally getting back to my practice tomorrow evening at the sanctuary in the city that is Hot Yoga Edinburgh. I really miss my time on the mat when my work schedule demands I am away, but when I’m here I am fortunate to be able to have this as part of my training schedule””Very relaxed and well thought class. The teacher was very helpful and gave me lots of suggestions when I told her about my difficulties in practice. Thoroughly recommended for beginners and more experienced””Thanks for a great stretchy class!””Always so much release of stiffness after this (Hot Yin& Yang for Sports) class””I have had a week off work and have been attending classes here every day and it’s been wonderful, I feel amazing!””A challenging, sweaty but really good Power Vinyasa with Sharon… LOVED IT!  Followed by a chilled restorative Yin class.  So grateful to be able to do this and to have access to these people… thank you!”

Alan, August 2017


Jenn, August 2017


Tasha, August 2017


Leo, August 2017


Gemma, August 2017


A, August 2017


Nicola, July 2017

_____________________________________________________ F, July 2017

_____________________________________________________ Hazel, July 2017

_____________________________________________________ Ann, July 2017

_____________________________________________________ Alan, July 2017

“All the teachers I’ve met here are friendly, welcoming and supportive.  The space is very relaxing.  I feel chilled out immediately when I get there..  I’ve been to a few different yoga spaces in Edinburgh but this is by far my fave!!  I highly recommend” “A great energy in this place, loved the Yoga lesson and superb instructor! Thanks Allison!__________________________________________________________ “Thank you for organising (the Open Air Yoga class), it was amazing!” __________________________________________________________”From when you open the door to when you leave, the friendly and genuine welcome from all of the team is evident” __________________________________________________________ “Great set up.  Non judgemental and very welcoming.  The open air session was good fun and a great advert for what you do!  Thank you all!” __________________________________________________________ 5 Stars __________________________________________________________ “Great class today, really enjoyed doing it outside for a change” __________________________________________________________”Thank you for making me feel great before / during and after every class.  You guys are great and your classes are the best” __________________________________________________________ “I’m so glad you opened your studio here, your classes are wonderful and the lunchtime classes allow me to fit some ‘me-time’ into my otherwise jammed schedule” __________________________________________________________ “I wanted to say a huge thank you for Monday night, the (Moksha Inspired Yoga class) was so well received and we’ve had some fabulous feedback” __________________________________________________________ “I love this (Power Vinyasa) class  It’s a killer – in a good way!” __________________________________________________________ “Always great!” __________________________________________________________ “Beautiful practice today, thank you!” __________________________________________________________ “Hot Yoga Edinburgh is a lovely studio in a great location, with great tutorial.  I would recommend the studio to all who want to try Hot Yoga.  Clean, professional and friendly atmosphere.” __________________________________________________________ “Relaxing and great guidance as usual!” __________________________________________________________ “5 Stars” __________________________________________________________ “Best Yoga instructors I have ever had.  Detailed explanation of how to position for alignment.  Lots of different options for each pose depending on your level.” __________________________________________________________ “I could not be more grateful for the practices on offer, and the people taking the practice.  All Teachers radiate positive vibes, and more importantly are incredibly helpful throughout the practice… Within a few weeks that I have been going to classes I have noticed a significant increase in my strength, flexibility and balance, and always leave feeling mentally more composed and grounded.” __________________________________________________________ “Superb” __________________________________________________________ “So good… completely relaxed for the weekend now” __________________________________________________________ “Challenging flows, but brilliant fun. Prepare to sweat!” __________________________________________________________ “Most relaxing way to start the week! __________________________________________________________ “Loved it and will definitely be back for more” “5 Stars” __________________________________________________________ “A lovely friendly studio with great teachers.  Beneficial for my back and my mind.” __________________________________________________________ “Went to the Power Yoga class tonight, was super tough but totally worth it!” “Super warm, friendly teachers and students!  You would not feel out of place as a beginner or experienced yogi.  I feel amazing every single time I come out of class, not matter how I felt going in!” “5 Stars” “5 Stars” “Allison is a very good teacher who guides you to practice and helps you to do some poses as well.  I love this new venue, even if it is a bit far from me.  I love Hot Yoga!  I won’t feel guilty about enjoying food now!” “I cannot rate this place or the lovely people who run it (or even those who practice here) highly enough!  This place has become my sanctuary in the city over the last 12 months. The sessions are varied and taught with expertise and a desire to help you get whatever you need out of your practice.  And their beautiful studio right in the heart of the city is exceptional too” “5 Stars” __________________________________________________________ “Beautiful studio with the friendliest teachers in town!’ “5 Stars” “Quality, awesome, perfect, love it!” “Best place in the city for Hot Yoga IMO!  Heini and the gang have created a beautiful space to just be and breathe” “5 Stars” __________________________________________________________ “Lovely place” __________________________________________________________ “Wonderful experience, thank you!” “I went yesterday for my first ever yoga session and loved it so much I’m coming back on Tuesday.  Thank you Hot Yoga Edinburgh for a great experience” “5 Stars”__________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________ Jules, June 2017

_____________________________________________________ Lynn, June 2017

Anna, June 2017

Alan, June 2017

Patricia, June 2017

Adela, June 2017

Karen, June 2017

Craig, June 2017

Lindsay, June 2017

Lindsay, May 2017

Claire, May 2017

Agato, May 2017

A, May 2017

Scott, April 2017

Cathryn, April 2017

Rachel, April 2017

Hazel, March 2017

Amie, March 2017

Alasdair, March 2017

Craig, March 2017

Claire, March 2017

Noemie, March 2017

Arnis, March 2017

_____________________________________________________ Emma, February 2017

Anna, February 2017

Charlotte, February 2017

_____________________________________________________ Rosslyn, February 2017

_____________________________________________________ Mari, February 2017

_____________________________________________________ Evi, February 2017

_____________________________________________________ Robert, January 2017

_____________________________________________________ Lynsey, January 2017

_____________________________________________________ Donna, January 2017

Claire, January 2017

_____________________________________________________ Monika, January 2017

_____________________________________________________ Stevie, December 2016

_____________________________________________________ Elin, November 2016

_____________________________________________________ Magz, October 2016

Hannes, October 2017

H, September 2017

_____________________________________________________ Callum, July 2016

_____________________________________________________ Clare, July 2016

Melanie, June 2016

“Hot Yoga Edinburgh is my preferred for yoga”

KP, June 2016
“A beautiful space for yoga practice, and Heini and Allison will welcome you with open arms and warm hearts”

Imogene, June 2016
“Hot Yoga Edinburgh is my preferred location for Hot yoga”

David, June 2016
“.. A great way to compliment any training plan”

Sharon, June 2016
“Best place for Hot Yoga in Edinburgh! Heini and Allison are amazing teachers and classes held in lovely spaces too! Definitely need to try!”

Jack, 11th May 2016
“Thank you for hot yoga last night! I loved the heat!”

Leona, 7th May 2016
“Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed my first hot yoga class last night. I truly didn’t know what to expect and was a bit apprehensive beforehand … When the class started I was so uptight and tense but by the end I felt so peaceful and relaxed it was a feeling I’ve never had after a class before. I will most definitely be back”

J, 17th April 2016
“Thanks for the hot yoga class today, I’m glad I didn’t chicken out of coming.”

Shannon, 30th March 2016
“Best Hot Yoga class ever, especially if you fancy getting a sweat and stretch together – really helps with any running aches and pains”

Sharon, 29th March 2016
“Best Hot Yoga in Edinburgh!”

Stephanie, 29th March 2016
“I’m a huge fan of Hot Yoga – it has helped me to relieve a lot of aches and pains over the last year, and helped clear my head after a long day of studying”

Sharon, 29th March 2016
“Best Hot Yoga in Edinburgh!”

Alan, 23rd March 2016
“Will be waking up slowly in this beautiful studio, my sanctuary in the city of Edinburgh. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to get here as much as I’d like, but that just makes me look forward to and value it more. Give these guys at Hot Yoga Edinburgh a follow, good to support this small business, the way that it has supported me in ways they will never know.”

Katrina, 15th March 2016
“I was treated to a month of Yoga classes at Hot Yoga Edinburgh for Christmas. In the last week I’ve done 4 classes, all taken by Heini and I’ve loved every one of them! Her voice is so relaxing, I’ve left each class feeling 100% de-stressed and chilled out. Can’t wait for my next class, thank you Heini!”

Callum, 7th March 2016
“I went yesterday for my first ever Yoga session and loved it so much I’m coming back again on Tuesday. Thank you Hot Yoga for a great experience.”

Alan, 26th February 2016
“Hot Yoga with Emanuela at Hot Yoga Edinburgh tonight, challenging class tonight and shows that flexibility is key for me with my Olympic lifting and bodybuilding style of training and something I am working on which will benefit both. I can’t say enough about this great Edinburgh business.”

Mariota, 26th February 2016
“Fabulous class!”

Maureen, 15th January 2016
“Warm Yoga on a Thursday morning really sets me up for work, thank you”

Allanah, 3rd January 2016
“First Yin of 2016, same warm vibes of Hot Yoga Edinburgh and same old me falling asleep and making a funny noise”

Alexandra, 1st September 2015
“Lovely instructors – great instruction that is clear and you can hear! Small class sizes, friendly atmosphere and great locations”

Our teachers

Our teachers are all qualified with at least one 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate. They all share the same principle of doing no harm, to themselves or others. Each teacher brings their own unique experience and training to their classes.